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Advice and Consultancy

The Schools Safeguarding team are on hand via email or phone to support you with any queries relating to safeguarding in your school during term time and throughout the holidays. If your query is complex or you require more intensive support with policies, procedures, practice, risk assessments, record keeping / CPOMS or case reviews etc, an experienced consultant can provide expert consultation either in person or via video conferencing.

Policy development and implementation:

There are an ever-growing amount of policies relating to child protection and safeguarding that your school must develop and implement, to both comply with legislation and reflect the practice and procedures in your school. We can support the school at all levels to develop, devise and embed policies and procedures relating to safeguarding and child protection. This service involves a thorough review of your current policies and the development of a bespoke, individualized portfolio of policies that are not only compliant with all relevant legislation, Local Authority and Safeguarding Partnership advice but will also reflect your school’s specific requirements.

Risk assessments:

More and more frequently children are displaying behaviours that may pose a risk to other children, adults or indeed themselves. Often school staff do not feel equipped with the skills to assess the behaviours and manage the risks posed. Situations involving risky behaviour can increase anxieties in staff, other pupils and parents. Lead Consultant, Andrea Glynn, has received specialist training to assess and plan for children and young people in school, who display risky behaviours. Working together with relevant staff Andrea will undertake an assessment and develop a management plan to realistically and practically reduce and manage risk in the school setting.

Independent Chair:

Our Lead Consultant, Andrea can sensitively and objectively facilitate, chair and minute any meetings relating to safeguarding. These are most commonly, but not exclusively, regarding issues such as Fabricated or Induced Illness, professional disagreements, CAF or Early Help assessments, TAF meetings or engaging with hard to reach families.

Record Keeping / Electronic Management Systems such as CPOMS

Our consultants have hands-on experience in keeping records relating to safeguarding and child protection and therefore have practical knowledge of how to manage this important element of your safeguarding provision. Support and training can be provided in how to get the best out of your current record-keeping system or in developing a robust system that is evidence-based, captures the child’s voice and can inform and respond to training needs.

Prevent Risk Assessment and Action Planning

Janet Crossley, Schools Safeguarding Prevent Consultant can work with your school’s Prevent Lead/SPOC to write, develop and implement your Prevent Risk Assessment and Action Plan. Janet will consider the risks and vulnerabilities of your individual setting and plan ways to manage risks and ensure that all members of your school community are compliant with the Prevent Duty.

This is not an exhaustive list and bespoke support, advice and training are available for all issues relating to safeguarding in your setting. Please contact any member of the team to discuss your specific requirements.

Bespoke Support and Training Packages can be created to meet your specific requirements.

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