Bespoke Safeguarding Services

Bespoke Safeguarding Services

Policy and Procedure Review and Development

There are an ever-growing amount of policies relating to child protection and safeguarding that your school must adopt, to both comply with legislation and reflect the practice and procedures in your school. Often, template policies are challenged in inspections for not being relevant to the specific setting. I can support school at all levels, to develop, devise and embed policies and procedures relating to safeguarding and child protection. This service involves a thorough review of your current policies and the development of a bespoke, individualized portfolio of policies that are not only compliant with all relevant legislation, LA and LSCB advice but that they reflect your school.

Safer Recruitment

Doing all we can to ensure that adults who come into contact with our pupils in school is an essential part of safeguarding. From attending Safer Recruitment training to ensuring that references are robust, and everything in between can be a daunting task. I can support you with all aspects of Safer Recruitment to ensure you are compliant with statutory guidance and that your pupils are as safe as possible.

Single Central Record/Register

An essential part of safeguarding is carrying out checks on the people who come into school regularly. The recording of these checks on the school’s Single Central Record or Register (SCR) is evidence that your school is compliant with the relevant checks on the relevant people. Often, this is one of the first things that inspectors will scrutinize during inspections and so the need for it to be absolutely correct is of paramount importance. I can support office staff, senior leaders and Governors to ensure your current SCR is accurate and up to date and also equip you with the skills to ensure it remains so.

Risk Assessments for pupils displaying sexualised or other risky behaviour

More and more frequently children are displaying behaviours that may pose a risk to other children, adults or indeed themselves. Often school staff do not feel equipped with the skills to assess the behaviours and manage the risks posed. Situations involving risky behaviour can increase anxieties in staff, other pupils and parents. I have received specialist training to assess and plan for children and young people in school, who display risky behaviours to reduce risk. I am able to support all involved make realistic plans based on triggers for behaviour, school’s routines and policies and the needs of all children involved, in order to reduce the risk of behaviours occurring again.

Record Keeping

Meticulous and accurate record keeping is of great importance in building up a picture of a child’s life, building evidence to refer to other agencies and evidences the vigilance and understanding of safeguarding matters throughout school staff. It may be that your current record keeping system is not working effectively or there is no coherent system at all. Whatever the issue, I can support you to develop a system that works for your staff and children. I have a proven track record in developing and implementing whole school systems which has been recognized in several inspections.

Specific Safeguarding Subjects – Honour Based Violence, Female Genital Mutilation, Peer on Peer Abuse, Domestic Abuse, PREVENT, Sexting, Child Sexual Exploitation etc

It is important that all staff know about the increased vulnerabilities of some children and young people and the different risks that could potentially cause them harm. However, in some settings, there is a need for more specialist skills and knowledge relating to specific safeguarding issues. This may be due to an isolated incident such as a group of children being at risk through online behaviour, or the make up of the local community such as school being sited in an area of high deprivation. I can support school with specialist, bespoke training and resources for specific issues that are present in school.

Online Safety

Children and young people are increasingly spending lots of time online and are rarely aware of the risks involved with this. The responsibility for ensuring that children are as safe as possible in the online world is a responsibility that is shared by the child themselves, their parents, school and the wider safeguarding network. It is therefore important that schools are equipped with not only the computing resources to block or filter out inappropriate content, but for staff to have the skills to teach children how to keep themselves safe. I, along with associates, can provide a full assessment of your current online safety provision and bespoke training and support to improve the provision in your school.

Pre or Post Inspection Support

Inspections are daunting and challenging for schools, particularly when it comes to safeguarding. Often, safeguarding issues are only brought to light during an inspection which can affect your overall judgement. To ensure that there are no surprises, or if you are aware of safeguarding issues that may arise during an inspection, a pre-inspection plan can help prepare school Governors, leaders and staff for challenges about safeguarding issues. If your school has recently been inspected and safeguarding concerns were raised, I can support you with a robust plan to improve the safeguarding provision in a very short space of time.

Staff meetings/updates

The world of safeguarding changes and develops so rapidly, keeping staff’s knowledge and skills up to date can be challenging. Keeping Children Safe in Education 2016 requires all school staff to be trained in safeguarding at least annually but it is good practice and often more effective to have updates more regularly. I can provide interactive, informal training sessions during your staff meetings on general safeguarding and child protection or more specific issues. This is a proven way of ensuring that you achieve and maintain a culture of safeguarding and high vigilance.