Prevent for Schools

Preventing children and young people from being drawn into extremism and terrorism is an essential part of a school’s whole school safeguarding approach. This training has been developed and is facilitated by a Prevent specialist to empower all school staff to understand what their individual responsibilities are with regards to the Prevent Duty.

All school staff must have an awareness that children and young people being drawn into terrorism or extremism is a safeguarding issue and that they have a responsibility to recognise and respond to this. This training is designed to give all staff who work with children an understanding of the Prevent Duty, relevant to different roles in the school. This training will cover:

  • - What the Prevent Duty means for all school staff

  • - Highlight what school staff should do to demonstrate compliance with the duty

  • - The current risks and threats relating to radicalisation and terrorism

  • - How to identify vulnerabilities and how individuals may be drawn into extremism and the radicalisation process

  • - Adapt and apply knowledge of the Prevent Duty to keep children safe

This training is suitable for any and all staff members who come into contact with children during the course of their work, including volunteers and Governors. This training will be delivered at your venue and can be delivered in a way that meets the needs of your school.