KCSIE 22 states: ‘…ensure that all staff undergo safeguarding and child protection training (including online safety) at induction. The training should be regularly updated. All staff should receive regular safeguarding and child protection updates, including online safety, as required, and at least annually, to continue to provide them with relevant skills and knowledge to safeguard children effectively.’


SCHOOLS SAFEGUARDING have therefore devised a whole school training package, that is relevant to ALL school staff and takes into account different roles in schools. The training is practical, interactive and empowering – equipping school staff with the skills, knowledge and confidence to undertake their safeguarding responsibilities effectively. It includes:



o Identifying signs, symptoms and indicators of all concerns from Early Help to Abuse.

o Record Keeping

o Information Sharing


• Information on how to identify and respond to specific risks such as:

o Child on Child Abuse including sexual violence and harassment

o Online Safety

o Radicalisation

o Low Level Concerns about adult conduct

o Safeguarding children with SEND


• Updates and changes to KCSIE and other statutory guidance.


If there are any particular issues in addition to the above you would like to be covered, training can be individualised to your specific setting. This may incur additional costs. This training is designed to be delivered in your setting by one of our experienced consultants, preferably face to face although a remote option via Zoom can be accommodated.


This training PowerPoint presentation with associated resources is also available to purchase to enable DSLs to deliver the training internally.