Safeguarding and Child Protection in Schools

                                                               KCSIE states that:


"All staff should receive appropriate safeguarding and child protection training

which is regularly updated, at least annually."

Whole school training has been recognised amongst leaders as being the one area that has made the most difference to the safeguarding provision in their school. Schools Safeguarding’s Safeguarding and Child Protection Training for School Staff provides a no-nonsense approach to what staff members’ responsibilities are and how they can meet these whilst doing their ‘day job’. Everyone who works in a school, whether this is a site supervisor or Head Teacher, needs regular safeguarding and child protection training. Schools Safeguarding can offer this on an ongoing basis to ensure staff are up to date with the ever-changing world of safeguarding. We equip staff with the confidence and skills to respond to children and young people to prevent or deal with concerns about their wellbeing.

Our training is done in an upbeat, practical way which will continue to have an impact long after the training has finished. This training will cover:

  • How to recognise and respond to signs and symptoms of child abuse including issues such as Child Sexual Exploitation, Child Criminal Exploitation, Peer Peer Abuse, Radicalisation, Online Safety.

  • Identify vulnerabilities and risk factors in children and families

  • Record Keeping

  • Professional Conduct

This training is suitable for any and all staff members who come into contact with children during the course of their work, including volunteers and Governors. This training will be delivered at your venue and can be delivered in a way that meets the needs of your school.