Safeguarding Audit

Safeguarding Audit

Other than inspections, how do you know what you’re doing is good enough/correct/compliant etc?! Let me make this easy for you by carrying out a full audit on your school’s safeguarding provision. Looking at everything from site security to policy and procedures, a safeguarding audit will identify areas of good practice and areas for improvement. The audit will consist of a me visiting your school, for at least one full day to meet with staff and scrutinise policy procedure and practice. My findings will then be compiled in an Action Plan and Report which will be emailed to you. A follow up visit will then be undertaken at a suitable time, normally a term later than original visit. During this process I will be in contact with you regularly to support and guide you in improving safeguarding. Any recommendations that I make in the Action Plan are optional and will incur additional costs. We will work together to devise a package of support that is affordable and effective.

The Audit Will Cover:

  • Compliancy and effectiveness of policies and procedures relating to safeguarding and child protection
  • Governor oversight and challenge of safeguarding provision
  • Safer Recruitment and training records, including Single Central Record
  • How the role of DSL is undertaken, supported and managed
  • Record Keeping and how records evidence concerns, pupil voice, Early Help requirements etc.
  • Multi Agency working
  • Site Safety
  • Online Safety
  • Culture of safeguarding
  • Any specific issues that arise during the audit process.


Audits will be carried out at a time that is agreed between Schools Safeguarding and the contact at the school, normally the Head Teacher or DSL. If more than one day’s visit is required, this will be arranged as soon as possible after the initial visit. A Safeguarding Audit visit would normally require a full day from 8.30-5.30.

Action Plans and Reports will be provided by email within 10 days of the initial visit(s).

Any recommended actions other than general advice and support will incur an additional cost. A quote for this work will be given and cost, duration and terms and conditions will be agreed prior to any further work being provided.

If extensive travel or any accommodation is required to facilitate the audit, this will also incur additional costs which will be quoted at time of request.

Costs: £400 for school visit(s), completion and provision of Report and Action Plan, follow up visit and general support and advice relating to the audit.

This is payable within 30 days of the initial visit(s).

£300 per day and £175 per half day thereafter for work recommended in the Action Plan.