Safer Recruitment and the Single Central Record

Ofsted Inspection Framework states that schools should have:

A culture of safeguarding that supports effective arrangements to manage safe recruitment and allegations about adults who may be a risk to learners and vulnerable adults.

This is an intensive and practical training course with access to template documents and other resources to ensure that systems are in place to encourage a culture of safer recruitment. Course content covers:

  • How to DETER: developing and implementing robust recruitment procedures which welcome appropriate applicants and deter those who may be a risk to children.

  • When to REJECT: identifying concerns through robust and appropriate checks and taking appropriate action.

  • Ability to IDENTIFY: developing and maintaining a culture of high vigilance, whereby staff can confidently identify and report new or existing staff members who may be a risk to children.

  • How to EVIDENCE: ensuring that the Single Central Record clearly evidences all checks that have been undertaken and what evidence to keep. Advice and practical tips on how to evidence a safe culture.

Delegates will also receive the Schools Safeguarding Safer Recruitment Toolkit which is full of customisable resources.