Supervision & Support

Supervision and support for staff

Working Together to Safeguard Children:

Effective professional supervision can play a critical role in ensuring a clear focus on a child’s welfare. Supervision should support professionals to reflect critically on the impact of their decisions on the child and their family.

Professionals should be given sufficient time, funding, supervision and support to fulfil their child welfare and safeguarding responsibilities effectively.

Keeping Children Safe in Education:

DSLs should be given the time, funding, training, resources and support to provide advice and support to other staff on child welfare and child protection matters, to take part in strategy discussions and interagency meetings – and/or to support other staff to do so – and to contribute to the assessment of children.

Early Years Foundation Stage Statutory Framework:

Providers must put appropriate arrangements in place for the supervision of staff who have contact with children and families. Effective supervision provides support, coaching and training for the practitioner and promotes the interests of children. Supervision should foster a culture of mutual support, teamwork and continuous improvement, which encourages the confidential discussion of sensitive issues.

Supervision should provide opportunities for staff to:

  • discuss any issues – particularly concerning children’s development or wellbeing, including child protection concerns
  • identify solutions to address issues as they arise
  • receive coaching to improve their personal effectiveness

Supervision may not be a term you are familiar with in the context of safeguarding. As you can see from the above, it is statutory for Early Years Staff and is highly recommended for staff who take on the lead role in safeguarding (DSLs and their deputies/back-ups.)

I am passionate about looking after staff who deal with safeguarding and child protection issues. Being a Designated Safeguarding Lead can be a lonely role, particularly when confidentiality limits the sharing of information. Often, this reduces emotional capacity and therefore effectiveness to carry out the role. Staff can become bogged down and not be able to make safe, effective decisions. Supervision or regular supportive 1:1 meetings can provide an outlet for emotions, space to vent and air frustrations or worries and can reframe difficult situations and make them more manageable.

I can provide supervision, support, guidance and case management for any staff member who may require it. This can be done as a one off or on a regular basis. As with all my services, this is competitively and sensibly priced. Please contact me for further details on 07414 231 600 or email: